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About me

My name is Silvio Jastram. I live in the Franconian Metropolis of Nuremberg.

Since finishing school and an apprenticeship, I've achieved one of my two childhood dreams, to do an apprenticeship as an engine driver.

Whilst studying telecommunication technology at the private Deutsche Telekom AG University in Leipzig, I was passionately an engine driver for the major railway companies in Germany. Training new employees and colleagues was particularly important to me.

After graduating I was initially employed as a commissioning engineer at Siemens Transport System in Erlangen. Following that I was an instructor at DB Training in Nuremburg. As engineer for rail vehicle technology, I was responsible for commissioning and testing of new locomotives and trains from different manufacturers in many different locations around Europe. Today I pass my knowledge and skills to other colleagues, working as an instructor again.

You don't grow to be a few inches taller, but to have prospects.